Cancer is now part of my every day life.

13 months ago I was lucky enough that cancer had never really touched my life.Yes I knew of people who had it, I even had had a friend who had breast cancer sometime before. Boy I did not know the path these ladies had travelled and the sheer bravery they faced every day in their fights.

The past 13 months I feel I have become an expert in the world of breast cancer. Having been immersed in this world, I have learnt over the past few months. Previous to this I had had one operation in my life and a baby, my knowledge of the medical world was limited. My mum was a nurse and I orginally thought this would be the career for me but alas as a student I discovered I was not strong enough emotionally. So took a career in teaching instead.I have always loved things medical but never before thought I would experience so much.

I am now a walking encylopedia on breast cancer and scans CT’s,MRI’s,Xrays,mammograms, ultra sounds, types of breast cancers, chemotherapy and the different types, surgery, medications, side effects, radiotherapy, preventative medications, early menopause, physical effects of surgery, medications and treatments, emotional effects on you how it changes relationships, life outlooks, plans, intimacy with your partner, how it makes you reflect and sadly how many other cancer warriors you come to know on your journey.

I have read so much over the last year and researched every treatment, medication and procedure.

Then there is all the other stuff not hospital related benefits you can claim, free prescriptions and being signed off work. All of this takes time to get your head round.

The cancer charities are a god send to a cancer sufferer they are there to offer support in a range of ways whether counselling, alternative treatments, financial advice, dietary advice or just a friendly face and an ear to listen.

There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by when I don’t think about my cancer. It has been a rollercoaster ride and I have hit a few bumps on the way. I am still here still dealing with the gift that keeps giving.

4 thoughts on “Cancer is now part of my every day life.

  1. Hi. Poignant blog. I’ve been a Brownie leader for 29 years this month. I actually run 2 packs back to back in different locations and chair Jewish Guiding. I was diagnosed de novo in May 2017 with mets to my bones and have been on hormone therapy ever since. I thought I’d have surgery and Chemo so arranged cover for a term off, but then returned as thankfully life is pretty ‘normal’, save 3 or so appointments a month and 3 monthly scans. My current Brownie parents have no idea as I haven’t mentioned it and hope not to have to. This is my life now and I’m just getting on with it.
    Wishing you well
    10th Pinner and 8th Northwood Brownies

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    1. Hi Nicky thank you for your very kind message. Guiding isxa great distraction isn’t it.I also have been supported by my Scouting family too as I am Chair of the local group. You have had a journey too. Keep positive . Mx


  2. Happened upon your blog by chance and want to send you congratualtions on how you have copied and the help and encouragement your blog has given and will give to other. Also my very best wishes to you, Darren and Charlie.


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